品牌XHENXHEN 在2021由 ChenSquareG 改名,立志于当代珠宝设计,材料的创造性与传统金属工艺相结合,希望能有更多的观众能欣赏和喜爱当代珠宝饰品设计。通过交互性的形式,使每件珠宝都带给人们一种生理上或者心理上的共鸣。运用多元素材质的结合,使饰品有更多的创造性,时尚性。

The Brand xhenxhen will be renamed from chensquare in 2021,which is committed to the contemporary jewelry design. The creativity of materials is combined with the traditional metal technology. It is hoped that more audiences can appreciate and love the contemporary jewelry design. Through the form of interaction, each piece of jewelry brings people a kind of physiological or psychological resonance.  Contemporary jewellery design allows a lot of possibilities in the material. PVC, for instance, can express meaning metal can not.