2015年,Valérie 时尚珠宝品牌成立。品牌起源于时尚之都蒙特利尔,追求时髦与创新,并将女性的独立与勇于突破自我的精神贯彻在品牌的核心价值里。


2019年,Valérie 进入中国市场,并根据中国消费者的消费与审美特点重新对旗下产品进行了调整。Valérie 在保留品牌最初简约风格的基础上拓展和丰富了产品线,其生产工艺极为考究,从设计到选材都十分严格,致力于打造一个多元化的时尚珠宝品牌。





在 Valérie ,中性硬朗和柔美细腻并存,彰显着女性的多面潜能,设计风格简约而具有高级质感,着重细节上的处理,在延续经典的同时也紧随时尚潮流,以刚柔并济的方式使产品拥有了更高的可塑性。


我们认为,最美好的点缀,往往是恰到好处的。 不矫揉造作,不喧宾夺主。

侧面镶嵌是 Valérie 产品主要特色。简约大气的设计里隐藏着对细节一丝不苟的处理,精细的手工侧面镶嵌晶钻设计让每一位佩戴 Valérie 珠宝的女孩在不同的角度看来都能发出最闪烁的光芒。









Valérie 品牌针对18—35岁强调品质、注重细节、追求时尚的年轻男女性提供性价比高的轻奢时尚配饰。目标消费者在 Valérie 可以找到实用率高、有质感、简约却有设计感、低调而张扬的时尚配饰产品。












In 2015, Valérie was established. Originating from the fashion city Montreal, the brand pursues fashion and innovation, and integrates the women’s spirit of independence and self- breakthrough into the core brand value.


In 2019, Valérie entered Chinese market, and adjusted its products according to Chinese consumers’ consumption and aesthetic features.Based on the retention of the original concise style, Valérie has expanded and enriched the product line, and its manufacturing technique is extremely exquisite. Strict from design to material selection, it is determined to create a diversified fashion jewelry brand.




In Valérie, the neutral toughness coexists with fineness, reflecting multiple potentials of women. The design style is simple and advanced, and high attention is paid to details. When continuing the classic, it can also follow the fashion trend, and endow the products with higher plasticity in a way of coupling hardness with softness.


We never impose restrictions on jewelry, and we always hope that the girls wearing the jewelry can write their own poems. You can be either fashionable or traditional; wayward or restrained; adamant or soft...... You can have both of them or “go your own way”, as long as you have the courage to be yourself.


“Rose Quartz” is the important material for the series of “Amour”. When the warm rose quartz collides with the metal materials, the pink rays given off will be endowed with a unique style, and the girls wearing it will also shine.




Valérie aims to provide entry lux fashion accessories of high performance cost ratio for young men and women of 18-35 years old who emphasize quality, value details and pursue fashion. The target consumers can find striking fashion accessories of high utility ratio, textural quality and simple design.