Bernhard Willhelm

Bernhard Willhelm是德国设计师Bernhard Willhelm同名品牌,设计师善于将代表不同文化与传统服装元素融合,用色大胆剪裁夸张,充满个性。看似“癫狂”的衣服背后有严谨的剪裁技法和高超手工针织和各种独创面料支撑。KEEP IT UNREAL则是品牌副线,以主线设计为灵感,设计上更具街头活力感。

Bernhard Willhelm is German designer Bernhard Willhelm’s namesake brand. By masterfully integrating elements from various cultures and traditional costumes, the designer created a brand featuring bold color, exaggerated cutting and strong personality. Unconventional may they appear, the collections are actually backed by elaborate cutting technique and skillful hand-weaving and novel fabrics. KEEP IT UNREAL is a sub-line of Bernhard Willhelm inspired by the main brand, which is more energetic with a street style.