Melissa&Rosella 是成立于2015年的国内本土首饰设计师品牌,创始人是一对双胞胎姐妹。品牌倡导跟从内心的声音,做独立勇敢、自由精致的女人。心有灵犀是双胞胎的代名词,不过对于时尚也会有不同的态度。两姐妹将各种风格元素大胆创新混搭,融入现代时尚感的设计,打造出更加勇敢自由的时尚首饰品牌Melissa&Rosella.

Melissa&Rosella is a domestic jewelry designer brand founded in 2015. The founders are twin sisters. The brand advocates to follow the inner voice and be an independent, courageous, free and exquisite woman. Though being birds of a feather, sometimes twins do have different attitudes towards fashion. The twin sisters mix and match various style elements and integrate them into modern fashion design to create a more brave and free fashion jewelry brand - Melissa&Rosella in a creative way.