Phiuma, reference to the Book of Poetry. Phiuma Culture is a platform and company for cultural products research and development based in Shanghai and facing the whole country, Focus on promoting the Belt and Road Culture, Interpreting unique Chinese classical culture from a modern perspective, Integrating traditional art into modern life, from the perspective of art design and product research and development to commercialize the cultural and creative industry. The brand is committed to exploring the essence of China's excellent traditional culture, concerned about the integration of modern fashion life into culture, create a sophisticated and interesting lifestyle, It has a strong sense of cultural deconstruction and strong cultural atmosphere. At present, the young and personalized international fashion and the classic culture of the ancient tradition collide, infuse the warm and wise designer feelings, showing the trend of The Times of the young people's self-cultural identity. Each design has the originality detail expression and the cultural connotation behind, for restoring ancient ways, the literature and art, has the feeling group to create.