SELAH就是整个设计团队。SELAH设计前卫,崇尚街头Mix And Match.设计灵感判逆,个性和独立。独特的街头艺术美学。颓废的浪漫情操。

SELAH is the whole design team. SELAH design avant-garde, advocating street Mix And Match. Design inspiration to judge the reverse, personality And independence. Unique street art aesthetics. Decadent romantic sentiment.


SELAH's loosely tailored deconstruction of the garment's shape runs deep into the brand's DNA. Costume sculpture and practicality are integrated.


The brand exaggerated printing patterns, bold color matching, more rich choice of fabrics. Cater to the modern young avant-garde, personality and ego against the trend of thought. It's a new era of gender-neutral thinking and modern young people dressing differently.