A Well Travelled Woman

品牌创立于2014年,“A Well Travelled Woman”顾名思义:一个有丰富旅行生活阅历的女人。品牌的寓意和推崇的生活态度是把生活看作是一场探险,去接触大自然,多走多看,去感受和体会。活的简单帅性,自然洒脱一点;独立,坚强,有梦想;永远抱有一颗好奇的心。可以幸福自由的去行走,去见识,去撒野-幸由见野。

A Well Traveled Woman was founded in 2014 by Maggie. As the name suggests, it is about a woman who is well-travelled. The connotation of the brand and the life attitude it advocates is to treat life as an adventure, to get in touch with the nature, to travel more and see more, to feel and experience.