LUMINIFEROUS AETHER’品牌创立于20205月。以全球范围内发生的‘黑天鹅’事件作为背景,几位跨界设计师想用其独特的时尚语言来诠释当代25~35岁独立女性。

LUMINIFEROUS AETHER:即“以太”组成空间的意识流、灵界创造物质现象界时所创造的第一种最基本元素。据说,物质现象界的万物生存在其内。设计师们借助时装来诠释她们温柔的力量,这股女性的能量如同大地般丰富而深沉,可以滋养、培育她身边的人与境。


‘LUMINIFEROUS AETHER’ was established in May, 2020 in the context of black-swan incidents occurring around the globe. Responding to the phenomenon, several cross-over ‘designers’ adopted a unique language to present to the fashion world their original reading of the independent women aged from 25 to 35 in the contemporary world.

Designers from ‘LUMINIFEROUS AETHER’ are illuminated by the conceptual material called ‘ether’, the first basic element created by the flowing stream of consciousness of the spirit world. It is believed that ‘ether’ precedes the creation of the rest of the material world and it still encircles all things great and small. Our designers aim to bring the gentle power of independent women like that of ‘ether’ into being in terms of fashion. They compare this female energy to the formative energy of the earth, rich and deep, nourishing and cultivating the people and environment.

The core aesthetics of the brand comes from the combination of classical elegance and modern simplicity, and is compatible with the tenderness and delicacy of Oriental women. Through asymmetry designs that dramatizes characteristic contrasts and stylistic application of comfortable fabric and advanced tailor technology, we endeavor to depict the dreamy inner world of women and to showcase female softness and strength in unity.