OOPS JEWELRY 2017年底创立于北京的独立设计师首饰品牌。拥有一颗探索不羁的灵魂,以无边界的眼光看待一切设计元素,以开放的心态拥抱无限可能。信奉自由而多元的价值观,不被某一种单一的风格定义或局限,因为设计首饰者与佩戴首饰者皆在不断变化。品牌由三个彼此性格矛盾又互补的女生创立,设计师团队来自中央美院和英国皇家艺术学院。每一季OOPS都会与来自不同领域的年轻艺术家或品牌合作,在碰撞中探索无限可能性。Better an OOPS than What If! 




Founded in Peking at the end of 2017, OOPS JEWELRY is a jewelry designer label.  OOPS considers all the design elements and concepts without boundary, and embraces uncertainty with an open mind. OOPS believes in freedom and diversification, and refuses to define itself with single style or specific concept, because we think the one who design jewelry or wear jewelry keep changing every day. Every season OOPS collaborates with various brands or young talents from different fields, in order to explore more possibilities. 

OOPS Jewelry has been well received by celebrities, fashion KOLs, and bloggers, including Zhang Ziyi, Guli Nazha, Jing Tian, Qin Lan, Wu Jinyan, Xin Zhilei, He Sui, Tong Liya, Li Qin, Chen Qiaoen, Wang Likun, etc, all of which are A list celebrities.  Amongst KOLs that love OOPS are Bfaner, gogoboi, Cha Jie, IF Fashion, Fashionnucking, ByParis.  OOPS has also been reported by top tier fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, Cosmo, Bazar Jewelry, and ElleMen. 

OOPS Jewelry was founded by three very unique and strong women.  One of the founders, Grace Zhang, was a senior PR professional for Cartier before founding OOPS.  She had lead many marketing campaigns that had been well recognized by peers in the fashion industry.  Co-founder and designer Tianyi is a graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in jewelry design. Her work had been on display in Amsterdam, and is among the art collections in the Swiss Embassy.