ADA XU,苏州大学服装学院2004届优秀毕业生。毕业后陆续在上海几家知名品牌担任主设。2011年开设皮衣皮草设计工作室, 2017年年初创立品牌ADA PLAYS.品牌名称灵感来源于冷山里的钢琴曲,中文意思为 ADA所演绎的,演奏的,产品风格年轻、个性、时尚又不失实穿性,品牌自推出以来很受国内高端买手、高端集合店以及轻奢女装品牌的青睐,在东北,华中,西北,华南等全国买手集合店里均有售卖,业绩斐然。

 -Brand & Designer Introduction

ADA XU, 2004 Outstanding Graduates of College of Fashion, Suzhou University. After graduation, she was servicing for many well-know brands as a main designer in Shanghai. Leather and fur design studio was opened in 2011. The products are welcomed by many domestic designer brands and buyers, gathering stores. At the beginning of 2017, leather&fur garments’brand ADA PLAYS was founded, The products are young, personality, fashionable and wearable. The products are sold in many buyer's shops in Northeast, Central, Northwest, South China and so on. It is very popular in the market and gets high sales.