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Opening Hours:10:00:00-18:00:00
Address:Address:F5, F6 THEHOUSE, Xintiandi

Showroom Shanghai will hold its 2016 Autumn & Winter Fashion Show from April 11 to 15, 2016, again at Xinli Xintiandi, a stone’s throw from the venue of Shanghai Fashion Week.


The April of 2014 saw the birth of Showroom Shanghai, which has later become a hub linking domestic designers, brands and select shops nationwide. In a short span of just two years, the number of showrooms in Shanghai has exploded, but Showroom Shanghai still holds onto top spot with its enviable performance. After being redefined by its three founders, Showroom Shanghai has now evolved from a simple hub of designers, brands and retail terminals to a booster of consumption upgrade in Chinese fashion industry, echoing Premier Li Keqiang’s call for “individualistic fashion”, “online and offline interaction” as well as “accelerating entity commerce innovation and transformation” in the government work report.


Thus, topping Showroom Shanghai’s agenda this year is the establishment of derivative businesses. As the first subsidiary of Showroom Shanghai, Stron commits itself to providing solutions to critical problems a brand faces at various stages. The most basic service is distribution agency. Since spring and summer in 2015, Showroom Shanghai has acted as a distributor for Y’s Yohji Yamamoto in China. This camp has now expanded to include multiple brands, including the attention-getting Ms MIN, the rising Black Spoon, and the two dark horses making their debut at this Showroom Shanghai show: designer brands A Tentative Atelier and LEON BRAND. In addition, Shangxia brand, combining rich experience and capital from Hermes with local craftsmanship tradition, will task Stron with its national distribution.   


Depending on which stage it is in, a brand may face different challenges. By maintaining a presence in production, Stron is well positioned to provide much sought-after support for cost reduction and quality improvement etc. For retail terminals at their own development levels throughout the country, Stron can meet their needs with consulting services, and for more professional retailers, it has one-stop solutions tailored for their specific problems.


To provide e-commerce solutions for the customers of Showroom Shanghai, 2manyshop.com, a Web-based sales platform, will be launched during the Showroom Shanghai show. This brand new e-commerce model combines the advantage of ample select shops and brand resources of Showroom Shanghai with the international expertise of Chinese technical and operation team from net-a-porter. A great number of prominent shops that curate numerous outstanding international and domestic brands are handicapped by a limited operating space. 2manyshop is designed to help these shops and selected brands to show their goods online, thus removing time and space restrictions and appealing to consumers from every part of the country.


Taking advantage of this new 2manyshop, BAN XIAOXUE, Black Spoon and deepmoss will launch their own sections on the platform, accepting reservations for 2016 Autumn and Winter series immediately after the show. This should spare consumers from the otherwise lengthy wait. Besides, Number (N)ine, a vanguard Japanese male fashion brand, will duplicate their 2006 autumn and winter show featured collection during the 2016 autumn and winter season, and accept reservations from consumers via 2manyshop.

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