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Opening Hours:10:00:00-18:00:00
Address:10F, Hubin Rd.,Shanghai

On April 5-15, 2015, one-year-old Showroom Shanghai will stage its 3rd session event at Tower 3, Corporate Avenue, Shanghai. The event will be dedicated for 2015 autumn/winter collection.


The event begins by the international brand session from April 5th to 9th and followed by the domestic brand session from April 11th to 15th. Thanks to the efforts of the past year, Showroom Shanghai has become China’s top release and order-placing platform for independent domestic designers and buyers. From 2015 on, Showroom Shanghai will gradually increase the number of foreign brands and strengthen its cooperation with international showrooms and brokers.


As China’s most advanced fashion platform, Showroom Shanghai is committed to providing valuable service for fashion brands and retailers. In order to help with the growth of Chinese fashion designer brands and retailers, Showroom Shanghai has launched a program titled “Showroom Shanghai Fashion Public Welfare Fund for China” in 2015. With a view to cultivating China’s buying talents, the program offers two sessions of free buyer training each year. Besides, more designer assistance programs will be launched since the second half of this year.

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