BandeNere 班德尼尔

BandeNere品牌创意来自时尚之都意大利米兰,名称灵感来源是设计师梁诗宇及其搭档造型师沙倩当时在米兰求学和生活时住所旁边的地铁站之名,同时也象征了他们创意设计之路的源头和开端。BandeNere整体设计风格简约大气,并与意式时装设计精髓融为一体。设计师善于运用廓形剪裁手法,配合造型师多种创新搭配方式,二人的默契使整体品牌在有独一无二风格之余还具备很强的实穿实搭性,更好的迎合了当代女性的时尚理念,单品不但拥有足以引领潮流的细节元素,还同时保证了超强的实穿性,简约但不乏味,就是BandeNere最想传递的时尚理念。由17年春夏起始,BandeNere创造了Urban Line/Exqusite Line,Unlock,Dynamic,DNA reorganized,Gentle Amour ,bold chic等系列,取得了越来越多都市女性和市场的认同,经过6季的设计迭代,Bandenere走过了每个设计师品牌都要经历的弯路,但同时也保持着最初的设计热情和灵感,产品日趋成熟并且越发具有张力。中国的女性时尚已经非常多样化,消费者从追求奢侈大牌到现在更加喜爱更加小众的设计和品牌,Bandenere不但拥有意大利的设计剪裁基因,也拥有东方的审美,他们用这独特的经验优势创造出了更具有能量的时尚女装。品牌的愿景就是给中国时尚女性人群提供面料更优质,设计更注重细节和整体造型感的时装。


The brand idea of BandeNere comes from Milan, the the world’s fashion capital,The word ”BandeNere” is inspired by the name of a metro station in Milan called ”BandeNere” where the designer Lee Liang and stylist Qian Sha lived nearby when they studied in Milan. It also symbolizes the origin of their design career. The philosophy of BandeNere combines the essence of Italian fashion design and minimalism. Liang’s skillful use of silhouette cutting incorporated with Sha’s various Innovative collocation leads to the unique style and strong practicality of their products, cattering to the fashion concept of contemporary females. The fashion items embodied not only the trendsetting details but the strong practicality. Concise yet not bland, reveals in BandeNere’s visual sense.From the beginning of 2017, the series of Urban Line/Exquisite Line, Unlock, Dynamic, DNA recognized, Gentle Amour, Bold chic were created by BandeNere, which increasingly obtained the favor of urban female market.

After six seasons of design iterations, BandeNere had endured most of the detours that every single designer must go through. Its insistence on the initial inspiration and enthusiasm results in the accelerating influence and maturing of the products.The female fashion in China has been so diversified that the customer would prefer(a) niche design and brand instead of (a) luxury brand they used to pursue. BandeNere has a special experience that embraces the Italian design spirit as well as the oriental aesthetics so that it has the ability to create a more energetic ladies fashion. The brand vision is to provide Chinese stylish women a fashionable dress with more exquisite fabric and more detail-oriented and overall-styling design.