The story begins more than 20 years ago, with the meeting between a french industrial, Frédéric LENER, and a dutch photo model, Monique KOLEN (Moko). A short time after that, during a visit in Amsterdam, Monique discovers a surprising sentence written in different languages on a white shirt, which she offers to Frédéric : “Sur les Chemins Blancs, il est midi éternellement” (On the White Paths, it is noon for ever). Wishing to unite their worlds through a brand in 1990, the name was all found : “Chemins Blancs”. This thought, as well poetic, as nordic, cosmopolitan and resolutely optimistic, carries the whole mission of the brand today.

Inspired by delicate details, clean cuts, signature printed and sumptuous fabrics, Moniquer Lener (Moko), CHEMINS BLANCS’s creator and designer, loves poetry and femininity. From the landscape of her native Holland, her travels, to the encounters of her musical universe, everything is a source of inspiration that breathes in the CHEMINS BLANCS collections. Every woman can express and identify herself through this timeless and contemporary fashion. Clothes which make us feel like “On the White Paths, it is noon for ever”.


故事开始于20多年前,当时身为法国工业家的Frédéric LENER与荷籍平面模特Monique KOLENMoko)相遇。 不久之后,在一次阿姆斯特丹的旅行中,Monique惊奇地发现,在她要送给Frédéric的一件白衬衫上用不同语言写着的同一句话: “Sur les Chemins Blancsil est midi éternellement” (在白色道路上,将永享正午)。于是两人在1990年共同创立以 “Chemins Blancs” 命名的品牌。  这个带有诗意的,北欧的,世界主义的和坚定乐观的思想,承载着今天品牌的整个使命。

简洁的细节,干净的剪裁,轻薄的印花和华丽的材料,Monique LenerMoko),作为CHEMINS BLANCS设计总监,喜欢诗意和女性气质。 家乡荷兰的风景,旅行沿途的所见,以及她喜爱的音乐等等,都成为了Moko设计Chemins Blancs的灵感来源。 每位女性都可以通过这种既永恒又时尚的方式表达自己。 身着该品牌服饰,会让人联想到在白色的道路上,将永享正午