CCHEN²G 成的二次方

时尚饰品品牌CCHEN²G是由成琛(Chen Cheng)2017年年创立于英国伦敦,深受国外杂志,媒体,时尚人群喜爱,品牌励志于研究材料料的创造性和佩戴的多样性,趣味的互动方式与传统饰品工艺的相结合,让更多佩戴者了解每个饰品背后的故事。

Fashion accessories brand CCHEN²G was founded by Chen Cheng in London, UK in 2017. CCHEN²G believes that contemporary jewellery is interactive because it demands a response, which can either be physical or emotional. Through kinetic movement and visual interaction, her work is designed to be explored.