B+ by Beautyberry 

B+ by Beautyberry ,成立于2015年,一个将品质融入摩登设计的品牌,我们让紧张工作变得轻松,让休闲娱乐更富有个性,并根据流行热点创造市场新风貌。每季的灵感源都会将潮流语汇融入新设计中,倡导实用摩登主义,单品强调百搭性,以标识性的原创图案设计风格为市场追捧,熊猫,金鱼,招财猫等一系类可爱动物形象都获得消费者喜爱。

B+ by Beautyberry , founded in 2015, designs vintage clothes in harmony with modern futurism. It maintains its high level of style by working in unconventional fashion elements, fitting people's unique sense of style and creating new trends with the latest fashion ideas. It also advocates pragmatism as well as modernism, emphasises being versatile, and has developed its popularity with its original animal pattern designs.