TANG'S创建于1996年,品牌隶属于杭州市丝绸服装进出口有限公司。主要以真丝类女装为主,2003年后由浙江省十佳服装设计师Max Chen担任该品牌的设计和销售工作。从此TANG'S品牌由传统丝绸转变为时尚丝绸,经过多年的沉淀,Max Chen带领品牌完善了时尚丝绸的理念并在杭州陆续开设了3家门店。TANG'S品牌立志于让丝绸服装融入每个人的日常穿着,让真丝充满年轻与活力。

TANG'S was set up in 1996 and the brand belongs to Hangzhou Silk Garment Import and Export Co., Ltd, which takes real silk women’s wear as its main. After 2003, Max Chen, the top ten fashion designer in Zhejiang Province, served as the design and sales of the brand. Since then, the TANG'S brand has changed from traditional silk to fashionable silk. With many-year accumulation, Max Chen has led the brand to perfect the concept of fashionable silk and opened three stores in Hangzhou. The TANG'S brand contributes to bringing silk clothing into everyone's everyday wearing, making the real silk be full of youth and vitality.