SMON MO design Studio Founded in 2016 in Malaysia (branch in Taipei). The Simon Mo brand’s essence is to convey the combination of the discovery of nature, history and culture together with the imagination of the future. Simon Mo is an environmentalist who is constantly inspired by the reconstruction of geometrics and patterns from nature.Simon has always been interested by the interaction between the human body and nature and uses this interest to focus on the concepts of comfortable cutting style and details, romantic patterns, lively silhouettes and design details to approach his unique aesthetic and vision towards contemporary smart casual womenswear.The Simon Mo brand is against the use of real fur from protected animals. We wholeheartedly support eco-friendly green fashion.

Simon Mo 設計品牌工作室於 2016 年成立在馬來西亞(分部於台灣) 品牌精 神致力於表達 Simon Mo 對於大自然的熱愛以及對於探討大自然歷史文化與未來想像的美學日記。作為大自然與歷史愛好者,設計師在設計系列中,將其靈感呈現於衣服剪裁的 結構配置,色彩與圖騰, 並反應自己對於現代女性smart casual服飾美感上的概念與想法 ; 舒適細緻剪裁風格,個性浪漫印花與設計細節 還有生動的輪廓線條呈現。Simon Mo 品牌反對 使用保育類動物皮草及其原料, 我們支持綠色時尚。