daartemis jewelry结合品牌起源理念,主要以自然界赋予的美好事物包括花卉植物为灵感源泉,将自然赋予现实世界美好的花卉、植物等作为载体来体现人们追求独立本我珍视心中美好的精神,以及对过往丰富情感的寄托、未来美好生活的向往。


Daartemi is named after the co-founders Daniel and Aaron, by combining their initial D and A followed by Artemis, the Goddess of Nature from Greek Mythology.

Origin of the name:“d+a+Artemis

“d”  for Daniel: Founder and creative director

“a”  for Aaron: Founder and COO

 Artemis: Ancient Greek goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals. Deer was an animal held sacred and favorite to Artemis. When she was asked to pick gift from her father Zeus, she chose virginity, bow and arrows and freedom in nature and wilderness as gift. She was one of the two favorite daughters of Zeus. She was intelligent with extraordinary beauty, enthusiastic to unfettered life in wild, she was deeply in love of nature, she protected the moon, she was the Ares who protect young girls, relieving women from disease and asininity. She was wild but delicate, fascinating and mysterious as the powerful nature.