YOU QING MEI 生活是一种需要交换的美好感觉,让自己表现出宽容和自信的风度,YOU QING MEI 倡导自由缓慢的生活观念。线条简单,细节适中,质感舒适,是穿着者最大的需求,也是 YOU QING MEI 的目标,从浮夸到内向,从繁琐到简单。

Awards are often unrelated to the ability, when you see a celebrity in the banquet TV to wear the clothes of their own design, the moment is the recognition and moved. Life is a good feeling to need to swap, let oneself show tolerance and confident grace, advocating freedom of slow living conception of life. Simple lines, moderate details, comfortable texture, the wearer is the greatest demand, is our goal; from the grandiose to introverted, from the tedious to simple, the rhythm of life, the total return to a quiet day.