Rfactory 于2011年创立,设计并制造包括但不限于包包的趣味时髦物品。品牌定位为“乐趣提供者”。趣味感是这个品牌最显著的设计语言,尊重时光并对未来探索充满好奇心。产品本身极其强调使用者与物品的互动,拆卸、再组合的独一无二属性,强烈表达了主张自由选择的价值观。正如创始人一直在传达的理念“真正的奢侈是自由选择。”

The brand has a core concept of retro and classic style. Cherishing time withstanding texture, the brand has abandoned the vanity of glitz. The brand advocates the wearer’s refusal to blind submission, and encourages them to create their own style and fun. Rfactory offers smart consumers classic, timeless, playful and innovative products, establishing itself as a provider of neo-classic genuine leather goods.