Monochromatic Xu

Women’s clothing brand Monochromatic Xu is created by designer Qianqian Xu in 2014.

The key of the brand is monochrome. Designer focuses on simplicity and women's expression of independent personality in order to obtain the recycle of the most essential elements of clothing. 

With the unique and distinctive minimalist designing style, the texture and beauty of Monochromatic Xu coexist at the same time, while Monochromatic Xu also finds a better balance between the tradition and modern fashion in wearing. The minimalism and femininity are combined in a new way. Designer extends the concepts of paintings and dramas to gain more inspirations. Maintaining the unique style, while Monochromatic Xu also hopes to give some new meanings to the modern fashion from different angles of visual art. Designer hopes to return to the essence of truth, keep pure and make clothing meets the demands of wearer's daily life better.

女装品牌Monochromatic Xu由设计师徐倩倩于2014年创办。