Manmade Natural

Manmade Natural,意为一半“人造”一半“自然”。品牌灵感来源自张大千先生水墨交融、自然渲染的“大写意”泼墨画法。娴熟的手腕、水墨的控制、颜彩的处理熟练炖青。Manmade Natural的创作就是“大写意”概念。希望在“Fast fashion”泛滥的时装世界,尽一己绵力保存日渐消隐的传统手工业。

Manmade Natural, as its name suggests, means half man-made, half nature. The inspiration of the name came from Mr. Zhang Daqian, designer Tonny.L.S.S’s favorite master. Master Zhang Daqian is famous for his ink-splashing painting skill, which is also one of the established painting skills in Chinese painting. This impressionistic style fits well into the designing ideas of Manmade Natural.