意大利服装设计师Luca Berti,是全新高端牛仔的定义者,他所创立的LEROCK,主营高级牛仔时装,将摇滚精神和奢华的风格冶于一炉,完美苹果型的翘臀与纤腿是LEROCK牛仔的基本造型,更强调近乎挑衅与蛊惑的摇滚个性。LEROCK运用金属与水晶元素,以强烈色彩和民族印花给人深刻的印象。

Italian brand LEROCK is a top brand in jeans fashion, and it was founded by Luca Berti, a master in the field and designer in Ferrara late last century. It draws attention and applauds within the industry and from consumers through its quality fabric and artisanship, draping that perfectly matches the female curves, as well as the fashion design that is gifted with unique charm.