SUUYUUWANG是由设计师王苏毓(SUYU WANG)于20196月创立的同名独立设计师品牌。



SUUYUUWANG is an independent designer brand of the same name founded by designer SUYU WANG in June 2019.

Pure retro is the timeless style that SUUYUUWANG is committed to creating. By the British culture and art edification and training, enlightening sprout brand inspiration. She will be the quintessence of British retro and modern clothing aesthetics integration, while adding their own aesthetic view of the world. A brand full of artistic sense and imagination was born. In the design of gender equality and freedom to express the current young people's own attitude to life.

All retro elements are the inspiration of SUUYUUWANG. Rooted in the exploration and reconstruction of classic retro, the brand is committed to creating classic retro and interesting products. Every piece of work is exquisitely crafted, fashionable and practical. Through strong retro printing, classic stripes, color collision, some interesting patterns and the use of unique fabric technology and crafts, so that the clothing has a sense of age, and do not lose the sense of modern fashion. The brand is in a new era of full growth.