MAO BY MAO 是根长于中国的服装品牌 。品牌的创立与主创团队的相遇与成长有关,于2022年初正式成立。"MAO BY MAO 我源自我”,我们相信万物一体,本自具足的哲学理念。

MAO BY MAO is a local Chinese clothing brand. The creation of the brand is related to the story that happens between the creative team. The brand was established in early 2022. “MAO BY MAO means I come from myself”. We believe in the oneness of all things, which has its own philosophy.


MAO BY MAO 希望藉由衣物作为当代女性自我表达的镜像,将生命经验和审美融入其中,为当代女性生活的每一个侧写寻找最真实的表达,以兼具「自然、艺术、人文」的品牌核心,传递隽永穿着与生活的新样貌。

MAO BY MAO hopes that clothes as a mirror of contemporary women's self-expression, the life experience and aesthetic integration into it, for every profile of contemporary women's life to find the most authentic expression, with both "nature, art, humanities" brand core, to convey the art of wearing and living a new look.