INJURY向来注重原创印花设计,高级订制的立体剪裁西装皮衣,每季系列设计背后都有深刻意义。品牌一直以来备受名人追捧,包括英国著名乐队BOYZONE主唱RONAN KEATING、澳洲顶尖歌手GUY SEBASTIAN、澳洲RATCAT主唱SIMON DAY、黄晓明、郑秀文、陈奕迅、蔡卓妍、谢安琪等等。

INJURY always pays attention to original print design and high-end tailored suits and leatherwear, and it has profound meanings behind each series from its designing. The brand has been popular along the way with celebrities including RONAN KEATING leader singer of BOYZONE, Singer GUY SEBASTINA from Australia, SIMON DAY of RATCAT from Australia, Huang Xiaoming, Sammi Cheng, Eason Chan, Charlene Choi and Kay Tse among others