IRIDESCENCE New York是成立于美国时尚之都纽约的新锐箱包品牌。设计风格融合了轻松的时髦感和永不过时的优雅感。品牌致力于对每一只IRIDESCENCE的包袋的用料与细节的追求。IRIDESCENCE品牌DNA是将纽约的简洁流畅和巴黎优雅艺术融合在一起,散发出轻松奢华的时尚魅力。

品牌格言:Effortless Luxe/悠闲奢华的时尚

IRIDESCENCE NEW YORK, established 2016 in New York city, reflects a sense of relaxed an timeless elegance. Focusing on fine leather and details, IRIDESCENCE unites the brand’s DNA and Paris ease in a collection that exudes laid-back luxury and elevated edge.

The first label created by independent designer YIMING LIN. Its remarkable design includes sophisticated style as well as high quality material. Creativity, diversity and functionality are the key aesthetics in YIMING’s design. Chic and elegant, classic but have sense if humor, IRIDESCENCE offers a modern New York style to women on the move.