Comme Moi

COMME MOI由超模@吕燕 于2013年创立。法文comme moi翻译成中文就是“像我一样”。吕燕身上充满了当代中国优秀年轻人的各种闪光点,努力拼搏,锐意进取,从不自满。从功成名就的超模,到由零开始的设计师,吕燕认为,如果起点为零的她可以通过不懈努力获得今天的成绩,那任何一个女孩都可以!

COMME MOI is a young designer brand founded by the most famous super model in the country, Lv Yan, in 2013. The brand caters to metropolitan fashion females who are young and confident, independent and fond of unique personal style. The general style of the brand includes smart causal and easy chic, young, casual with elegance, gently modern, fresh while mature.