VERA SERIASE创立于2020年,来自英国的新锐独创设计师品牌。品牌创始人-Vera Xu毕业于英国伦敦艺术学院。品牌将复古与现代相融合,秉承 “繁复与浪漫、宫廷与时髦”的基调,将简约纯净的色彩,巧妙新颖的结构与解构重塑完美结合,搭配创造出别致奢华的时装。品牌致力于让新时代女性真正的实现穿衣自由,不局限于场合,不局限于年龄,让每一位女性都能随心所欲地演绎出属于自己时髦的浪漫复古风情。


VERA SERIASE was established in 2020, which is integrates retro and modern, adhering to the tone of “complex, romantic and fashionable”, perfectly combines basic color with unique structure and deconstruction to create chic and luxurious fashion. Maureen Seriant is committed to encourage female to realize the freedom of dressing, without limited to occasions and ages, so that every female can perform their own stylish romantic retro style at will.