时堂 Showroom Shanghai,是一个专注高端时装设计品牌的精品展会。每次4天的展期,吸引超过5000位来自全国各地的买手,以及过万业内专业人士,早已奠定了行业的领先地位。

Showroom Shanghai is a boutique trade show focusing on high-end fashion designer brands. Each 4-day fair at Showroom Shanghai draws more than 5,000 customers and over 10,000 business professionals from all across China, solidifying its position as the industry's premier company.

创始人林剑,曾是中国最重要的时尚意见领袖之一。伴随着时尚媒体在中国的高速发展,他成为了中国第一代时尚专栏作家,为《Vogue》、《Harper’s Bazaar》、《ELLE》、《Marie Claire》、《Cosmopolitan》、《GQ》、《Esquire》、《金融时报》、《纽约时报》、《华尔街日报》等多家国际媒体撰稿。

The founder, Lin Jian, was previously one of China’s key opinion leaders in fashion industry. Along with the rapid growth of fashion media in China, Lin became part of the first generation of fashion columnists for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Esquire, Financial Times, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many other international publications.

2014年,他开创了“时堂 Showroom Shanghai”,链接国内外独立设计师品牌与中国零售市场,成为这一领域在国内的拓荒者,并收获巨大的成功。“时堂”已成为国内风起云涌的showroom产业的领头羊,并吸引了全国乃至全世界的优质买手。

In 2014, Lin pioneered the showroom industry in China when he founded Showroom Shanghai which connects domestic and foreign independent designer brands with China retail market. Meanwhile, Showroom Shanghai has established itself as a leader in the local burgeoning showroom market by drawing reputable buyers from all over the country and the world.

在时堂创立将近10年的时间里,有许多品牌都成长为中国本土时装界的中坚力量,从早期的BANXIAOXUE、COMME MOI、UOOYAA LAB,中期的RE'VAN  STUDIO、Le Fame 拉飞姆、yoeyyou、deepmoss,再到近期的CHAU·RISING洲升、夹生:HALF-MADE_,时堂持续不断地向市场输送兼具独特设计价值与商业价值的优秀设计师品牌,并见证了中国的时装设计产业逐步商业化的过程。

In the nearly 10 years since its inception, numerous brands—from BANXIAOXUE, COMME MOI, and UOOYAA in the early, to RE'VAN  STUDIO, LE FAME, yoeyou, and deepmoss in the middle, to CHAU·RISING洲升, 夹生:HALF-MADE_in more recent years—have matured into the industry's mainstays. Amid the gradual commercialization of China's fashion design business, Showroom Shanghai has persisted in providing the market with outstanding designer brands that have distinctive designs and high commercial value.


Showroom Shanghai has also expanded alongside the growth of Chinese designer labels. It inaugurated the first winter and summer trade shows in the market and has since accomplished its business distribution of four fairs annually to satisfy the channel expansion needs of some established brands that place orders four times each year.